International Forum on Global Energy Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges in Global Energy Transition (IFGE 2019)

Published on Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Energy is the backbone of economy across the world. Industrial processes, public services, and urban cities greatly depend on energy supply affordability, reliability and sustainability. There exist unprecedented demand for cleaner energy supply while geopolitical landscape as the global energy demand gravitates toward Asia. Echoing these phenomena is the advent of Fourth Industrial Revolution that brings about disruptive technologies and new business models that have shaken the energy system’s foundation.

 Anticipating a more competitive energy market in the future, the energy industry players must continue to transform their operations in response to supply and demand changes, upgrade their technical knowledge, diversify their portfolios and establish more collaborative relationships with global partners. Furthermore, synergy among countries is essential to optimize energy resources and leverage the underlying transformational forces including capital, technology, know-how and infrastructure.  An inclusive platform for action-oriented dialogue is vital to foster understanding of both systemic and country-level readiness for effective energy transition that incentivizes leaders to accelerate energy transition within their respective countries and globally.

 Debuting in 2016 under the flag “International Forum on Global Energy Landscape (IFGE)”, the 3rd edition of IFGE this year will witness leading energy leaders engage in panel discussions and exchange views on the opportunities and challenges in the global energy transition.  The forum aims to describe the imperatives of an effective energy transition, the dynamics of energy market development as well as the enabling policies. These are required to facilitate a common fact-base and understanding of energy market transition process and accelerate improvement in efficiency of respective countries’ energy systems.

 Three plenary sessions will be conducted featuring discussion on long term outlook for global energy market and the role of renewable energy, key challenges in the process of adopting power market transition and liberalization, as well as the role of natural gas and gas industries towards energy market reform. The discussion will build on insights on good practices from global peers and shed light on unexplored angles of opportunities to expedite the development of effective policies and public-private collaboration for an affordable, sustainable and secure energy future.


The Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe), UNITEN are pleased to invite you to attend an International Forum on Global Energy Landscape (IFGE 2019) as below:

Date                :           16th July 2019 (Tuesday)

Time                :           8.30 am – 5.15 pm

Venue             :           Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Title                 :           “Opportunities and Challenges in Global Energy Transition”


Come and join us, it is free. If you are interested, kindly RSVP at the link provided: